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KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
The Rail and Trail in Watsonville and Beyond

Watsonville stands adjacent to the epicenter of rail connectivity for the county of Santa Cruz. In this final episode exploring the future of the Rail and Trail along the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line, Christine Barrington wraps up her 5-week series by visiting the city to interview residents, political leaders and transportation planners about their views on how rail could benefit this growing region.

Featuring Regional Transportation Commission Interim Executive Director Mitch Weiss, RTC Board Chair Kristen Brown, Former Watsonville Mayor Lowell Hurst and more.

Show Notes:

To sign up for updates and submit personal comments on the Zero Emissions Passenger Rail Project Concept Report for Santa Cruz County:  ZEPRT.com

For more detailed information about the current Project Concept Report: RTC Zero Emissions Passenger Rail Project Info

World Economic Forum: Tire pollution may be harming freshwater and estuary ecosystems.

University of California Carbon Neutrality Study: University of CA Institute of Transportation Studies Report

Report on mortality rates due to fossil fuel pollution: Harvard School of Engineering

Rail-Trail Episodes:

#1) The Rail & Trail: Visiting the Past; Finding the Future

#2) The Rail & Trail Part 2: 2206-2018: George Dondero, Cory Caletti and John Leopold

#3)  Questions and Conundrums

#4) Friends of the Rail and Trail

Bonus show: Mitigating Environmental Impacts of the Rail and Trail with Senior Ecologist Justin Davilla