Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Standing on the Edge of the Future: Two Youth Voices in the Year 2020

On Talk of the Bay, August 11, 2020 Christine Barrington sits down, virtually, with two young budding journalists to hear their perspective as they stand at the edge of adulthood at a very powerful time on Earth where much is in flux, and the only certainties on the horizon are uncertainty. It is an obvious truth that the youth are the future, and for that very reason it is incredibly valuable to be open and curious about what they are seeing and learning and how they choose to meet their moments amidst so much change, beauty, and chaos.

Sadie Miller

is a young woman whose education has been shaped by the home-school experience. At 16 she started coursework at Foothill Community College and became co-editor at the college’s magazine The Poppy.  At 17, with her budding broad knowledge of the critical social issues facing society, Sadie was advanced to editor-in-chief and received her school’s Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. Sadie is equally an artist and has been meeting the Covid-19 challenge with aplomb creating a joyous body of work for the pure pleasure of it. 

Original Drawing by Sadie Miller


Joaquin Cruz has been a youth activist and leader within the GSA Network. The mission of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance organization is to train youth leaders, support youth activism and teach about LGBTQ rights and Allyship. He is returning to school as a junior at SLV High School and will be picking up the role of president of the local GSA club this autumn.

Joaquin has dedicated two summers of experience spinning tunes on community radio at KBCZ in Boulder Creek and is a journalist at his school newspaper. This summer he professionally published two pieces–a poem and an article about Abortion rights. 

Not only is Joaquin a journalist and activist, he is also an artist with a penchant for the surreal. He takes pride in his rich cultural heritage of Mexican (Oaxacan, Zapotec, Yaqui, and Otomi tribes) as well as Japanese and Hawaiian ancestry and enjoys guiding his own mind, and that of his community, into deep waters.

Joaquin Cruz–Mixed Media