KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
The Rail and Trail: 2006-2018 featuring George Dondero, John Leopold and Cory Caletti

This Monday on Talk of the Bay features episode #2 in a KSQD series about the Rail and Trail. This episode highlights the enormous accomplishments related to the Rail & Trail under the tenure of former Regional Transportation Commission Executive Director, George Dondero (2006-2018) which saw the purchase of the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line in 2012, delivery of the award-winning Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network Master Plan in 2013, and the passage of 2016’s Measure D, which would enable forward movement on critical transportation projects across our county, including the rail and trail. 

Discover behind the scenes details into these important achievements while contemplating further next steps related to passenger rail for Santa Cruz county. Given the California Transportation Commission’s stated intent to increase rail ridership twenty-fold by 2040, Santa Cruz’s Branch Rail Line is a relatively small, but important, player in the overall vision for an integrated rail system across the Monterey Bay region and the state.

This program features interviews with former RTC Executive Director George Dondero, former County Supervisor John Leopold, Former SCCRTC Senior Transportation Planner Cory Caletti, as well as excerpts with former County supervisor Mark Stone, and Micah Posner, former Executive Director of People Power and Founding member of Friends of the Rail and Trail. 

Rail-Trail Episodes:

#1) The Rail and Trail: Visiting the Past, Finding the Future

#2) The Rail and Trail part 2: 2006-2012 George Dondero, Cory Caletti, John Leopold

#3) Questions and Conundrums

#4) Friends of the Rail and Trail

#5) The Rail and Trail in Watsonville and Beyond

Bonus show: Mitigating Environmental Impacts of the Rail and Trail with Senior Ecologist Justin Davilla