Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Mitigating Environmental Impacts of the Rail and Trail with Senior Ecologist Justin Davilla
What is an EIR? How will the creation of the Santa Cruz Rail Trail affect the local flora and fauna? And, what plans are being created to mitigate its existence?
Talk of the Bay Co-hosts Rocky and Jack Snyder interview Justin Davilla, Senior Ecologist for Ecosystems West Consulting to dig deep into the present Environmental Impact Report being developed for segments 8 &9 of the Rail and Trail, which are being overseen by the city and county of Santa Cruz. Davilla specializes in resource inventory and planning, as well as biological and aquatic impacts of projects.
If you don’t know what charismatic mega-fauna are, you are about to find out! Justin speaks thoughtfully about the creatures and plants that have made their home along the railroad tracks over the past one-hundred years since the tracks were laid.  Plus, What about the trees?  Three-hundred and eighty-one trees will be removed along segments 8 & 9, including heritage and native species. Justin goes into detailed descriptions of how government agencies work thoughtfully to mitigate damage to the ecosystem during public works projects. His insights into the environmental impact of the Rail Trail are in-depth and sure to answer questions you may have and inspire some you have never even thought of before!