What underwriting is:
Underwriting is an announcement of support.
Your business can reach thousands of local, loyal listeners by having an underwriting announcement on KSQD’s airwaves.

While listener-members are the major sponsors of KSQD, we also welcome support from local businesses and other non-profits via underwriting.
By underwriting a KSQD program, a business contributes to KSQD operations and is thanked for it during that program.
Businesses may underwrite with money or with a trade of goods or services.

What underwriting is not:
Underwriting is not advertising. KSQD is committed to our non-commercial status and adheres strictly to the FCC’s definition of non-commercial.

KSQD’s underwriting announcements are prerecorded by one of our professional voice artists.
A typical announcement might read: KSQD thanks … for supporting this program. (Something about the underwriter. Possibly a special event coming up.) Thank you … for supporting K-Squid community radio , 90.7FM.”

KSQD and the business will negotiate the actual wording of the underwriting announcement.

Underwriting announcements are regulated by the FCC and must conform to the following guidelines.

  • Allowed:
    • Value-neutral description of product or services
    • Product or service listings that aid in identifying the business
    • Fifteen second maximum
  • Not allowed:
    • Comparisons and endorsements
    • Qualitative Statements
    • Expression of views
    • Superlative Descriptions
    • Price or Value Information
    • Calls to Action

For more information on setup and pricing options, please contact our underwriting team below.

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