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Our listeners say they feel good about who they buy from when they hear your business actively supports their local community.

74% of public radio listeners say that a company’s support of public radio has a positive influence on their decision to purchase that company’s products or services. This phenomenon is known as “the halo effect”, an exclusive benefit of your business establishing a partnership with KSQD, community radio.

Consider becoming a KSQD Underwriter!

  • Radio listeners become loyal to businesses that support the radio shows they love.
  • Through underwriting, you can reach over 646,000 loyal listeners in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Streaming brings KSQD to listeners throughout the Monterey Bay and worldwide. We even have listeners in Australia.
  • KSQD programmers are talented local volunteers. They are your neighbors. Some are well known, like Wallace Baine, Dr. Dawn Motyka, and our new Poet Laureate Danusha Lameris. Others are new with unique perspectives. ¬† A few are national favorites, like Thom Hartmann, Richard Wolff and Amy Goodman.

What underwriting is:
Underwriting is an announcement of support.
Your business can reach thousands of local, loyal listeners by having an underwriting announcement on KSQD’s airwaves.

While listener-members are the major sponsors of KSQD, we also welcome support from local businesses and other non-profits via underwriting.
By underwriting a KSQD program, a business contributes to KSQD operations and is thanked for it during that program.
Businesses may underwrite with money or with a trade of goods or services.

What underwriting is not:
Underwriting is not advertising. KSQD is committed to our non-commercial status and adheres strictly to the FCC’s definition of non-commercial.

KSQD’s underwriting announcements are prerecorded by one of our professional voice artists.
A typical announcement might read:

KSQD thanks Sammy’s Squid Shack for supporting this program. Sammy’s Squid Shack offers locally-sourced sea food dishes and organic entrees at 340 Seabright Avenue in Santa Cruz.¬† Thank you Sammy’s Squid Shack for supporting K-Squid community radio , 90.7FM.”

KSQD and the business will negotiate the actual wording of the underwriting announcement. Rates are reasonable and bonuses are available for six-month and one-year buys.

For more information on setup and pricing options, please contact our underwriting team below.