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Friends of the Rail and Trail

This is the fourth episode in a series on the Rail and Trail. 

If there ever comes a day when you can step out of your car and onto a platform in Santa Cruz County, history may very well credit the advocacy group Friends of the Rail and Trail for keeping the flame alive long enough for rail to cross the finish line.

With over 300 active volunteers, two dozen serving on several committees who meet weekly to digest transportation planning tomes, and the ability to summon several hundred of letter writers at the drop of a hat, Friends of the Rail and Trail has evolved from a small group of bike-loving idealists into a powerful community-based network of urban warriors whose aim is to ensure Santa Cruz County adds the option of both Rail & Trail to its expanding transportation ecosystem.

This episode touches on some of the history of the organization and delves into how they achieve their goal of providing quality information to assist residents in understanding the issues informing the future of rail in Santa Cruz county.

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