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Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Remix

Episode #50: We’re joined by Laura Vollset & Maggie Muir to discuss Perinatal Depression & Anxiety (PPD). While this is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, it is often unrecognized and under-diagnosed. Laura shares her experience of having had debilitating PPD after the birth of her twins. She sought treatment, found support, and wended her way to back to wellness and joy in parenting. Maggie Muir, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and Perinatal Support Group Leader explains what PPD is, who is at risk, and how and where mothers and family members can get help.

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Reproductive Freedom: Essential for Mental Health

Episode #49: This episode features a collection of nuanced and highly personal stories about making reproductive decisions and how these choices impact mental health. Some of what you’ll hear may be difficult, but we urge you to listen and challenge yourself to hold the complexity, the diversity, and the common humanity in each tale. Our feature story is by writer, teacher and poet Patrice Vecchione. Joining us to listen, reflect on, and respond to these important reproductive health stories is Alissa Perrucci, PhD, the Counseling & Administrative Manager at the Women’s Options Center at San Francisco General Hospital. More information and resource list here:

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The reality of abortion and religion is nuanced

Join hosts Suki Wessling and Christine Barrington for a special conversation about religious views of abortion. Although in heated political debates it may seem that abortion pits religious people against secular people, the truth is much more nuanced. Joining us to discuss this important and difficult issue are Rabbi Paula Marcus of Temple Beth El, the Reverend David Pattee of Peace United Church of Christ, and the Reverend Terra Collier-Young, a Unitarian Universalist Community Minister. 

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