I hope you are staying dry this winter. I wish KSQD could say the same. Regardless of squids’ love of water, that was tested on Sunday midnight as rainwater from a broken conduit poured into our station. Fortunately, thanks to the quick thinking of our intrepid program director, Howard Feldstein, no equipment has been damaged. Still, extra staff time will be needed to weather this.
What’s ahead is a total office renovation, starting now. We have spent the past few days moving EVERYTHING not nailed down or essential for broadcasting out of the space. Our landlord, the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, has been stellar in helping us with space in their garage for our boxes of music, shelves, chairs, tables, etc. They will be covering the damage to the office and studios, with new carpet and sheetrock and lots of dehumidifiers. We are grateful.
We will be broadcasting for the next several weeks under plastic sheeting, working around the de/construction crew, and trying our best to keep the great programs you’ve come to count on coming your way. Our priority is to make sure staff and volunteers are safe and our listeners are kept in the loop. How will this affect you? Hopefully, not much. You may hear some noise, but we’ll do our best to keep that off the air. When heavy construction is underway, we will broadcast remotely or run on automation.
How can you help? Come to our 5th birthday celebration on March 2nd and toast to our survival through thick and thin, pick up an auction item, buy a glass of wine, and enjoy the show. And/or donate an auction item to our growing list of great gifts. 
If you can’t make it, but want to contribute to the “Dried Squid” flood recovery fund, go here: 
We’ve been through a lot, and what keeps us swimming toward the light is your support. Thanks again for being part of this wonderfully whacky radio station.
The Squid abides.
Board members Mathilde Rand, Rachel Goodman, Ned Hearn, Tammi Brown, Sandy Stone, David Bean, Diane Cowen, Tim Fitzmaurice, Jane Weed-Pomerantz, Christine Barrington