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Intimate conversations about mental health and wellness with psychotherapist Debra Sloss. Our guests share personal stories and hard-earned wisdom from their lived experience accompanied by experts sharing their professional knowledge on important mental health topics. Together we’ll explore the intricacies of being human and living well. Join us for new understandings, seeds of hope, and valuable resources.

Topics include:

  • Impact of Racism on Access to Mental Health Services
  • Mental Health Crisis Toolkit
  • Mental Health First Aid During Covid
  • Living well with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Caring for Aging and Dying Parents, and so many more.

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Host & Producer

Debra Sloss, LMFT, a longtime Santa Cruz licensed psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience providing direct therapy services and clinical supervision training.


Jeanne Baldzikowski – Audio Production
Jennifer Young, LMFT – Underwriting
Liisa Herendeen, LCSW – Research
Izzy Weisz – Marketing
Leslie Nielsen – “In Your Voice” Coordinator


Our aim is create a program that helps bring to light the complexity of the human experience, reduce stigma, provide valuable information, and improve access to care and support.

Equity Stance

At STATE of MIND, we believe Black Lives Matter. We acknowledge systemic inequities and internal biases can inhibit equal access. We are committed to increase our awareness of inequities and biases and to act from values of inclusion and compassion.

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In Your Voice

In Your Voice are short segments on the show where a listener gets to add their voice to the topic. You can call us at 831-824-4324 and leave a 1-3 minute message about: a mental health experience you’ve had, something that has contributed to your mental health recovery journey, or share a resource that has helped you. Alternatively, you can make a 1-3 minute audio recording right on your phone and email that file to

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