Airs: 1st Sunday of every month,  6-7 PM

Show Type: Prerecorded Interview/Talk Show

Hosted & Produced by Debra Sloss LMFT
Audio Production: Jeanne Baldzikowski
Research & Outreach: Jennifer Young, LMFT

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STATE of MIND is hosted by Debra Sloss, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and features intimate conversations about mental health and wellness here on the central coast of California. Shows air monthly, on the first Sunday of the month from 6-7 PM. In each show, guests share their very personal stories and their clinical expertise on a specific mental health topic. So join us for new understandings, seeds of hope and learn about local resources. This is a unique opportunity to hear the hard-earned wisdom that only comes from lived experience.

We at STATE of MIND believe that in airing these stories we bring to light the complexity of the human experience, we help reduce stigma, provide important education and hope to improve access to care and support. We also hope that doing so will lead to changing attitudes, more compassion and improved policy making.

To sum it up…. we’re trying to help our world become a little more humane, one remarkable story of mental health recovery at a time!

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We’ve added this new segment to the show and we want to hear your stories! So give us a call at 831-824-4324 and leave a 1-3 minute message about: a mental health experience you’ve had or something that has contributed to your mental health recovery journey; or share a resource that has helped you. Or you make a 1-3 minute audio recording on your phone and email that file to us [email protected]. Your voice may just become part of one of our future shows! 

If you or someone you know has topic ideas for future shows or a story of mental health recovery to share, please email me at [email protected].

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