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STATE of MIND-Adult ADHD remix

Episode #210: In this STATE of MIND episode, Debra Sloss is joined by guests Judy Brenis and Hannah Jones to discuss Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Hannah shares the story of her struggles that led to an adult ADHD diagnosis. She learned to understand and accept herself, and she developed strategies to accomplish her goals and dreams. Judy Brenis shares her experience and wisdom gained from having a child with ADHD, leading ADHD support groups for parents and adults, and working as an ADHD coach. Debra, Hannah, and Judy explore the challenges faced by people with ADHD, how to get properly diagnosed, where to find support and resources, and how adult ADHD differs from childhood ADHD. This was the first STATE of MIND show ever recorded (over a year ago) and was previously released only as a podcast. It has now been re-edited for broadcast.

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STATE of MIND – Healing from Dysfunctional Families, The Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) Program & More

Episode #209: In this STATE OF MIND episode, Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by ACA Program participants Bill Trimpy and Birch Curry to discuss their childhoods in dysfunctional families, the lasting impacts of those experiences, and how they found support and growth in the 12-step Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) & Dysfunctional Families Program.

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STATE of MIND – Practicing Compassion for Self & Others

Episode #208: In this STATE OF MIND episode, Debra Sloss, LMFT is again joined by Buddhist nun and teacher Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi along Patrick McGinn, one of her mindfulness studies students, to discuss how simple compassion skill practices can help people learn to be gentler with themselves and others, and to feel happier in their lives. Venerable Tenzin shares tips on how to begin practicing compassion and gives examples of how to use these skills. Patrick, a practicing Buddhist, describes how these skills have helped him to be less judgmental and led him to greater joy and connection with others. He also tells how he learned these skills, and shares simple things he does to keep them alive and working in his life.

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STATE of MIND – Managing Emotions Mindfully

Episode #207: In this STATE OF MIND episode Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by Buddhist nun and teacher, Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi and mindfulness student Holly Costa to discuss how simple mindfulness practices can help people learn to manage their emotions more effectively, improve relationships, and increase ease in their lives even during challenging times. Venerable Tenzin talks about the value of being aware (or mindful) of our emotions and shares specific skills that can be used to help manage them. Holly, a new mindfulness student, insightfully describes how employing these skills has helped her have better relationships at work and with family members who have mental illness and addiction challenges.

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STATE of MIND – Seniors & Loneliness: Lives at Risk

Episode #206: In this STATE OF MIND episode Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by former dentist Tim Znamirowskilo and social worker Elizabeth Hutton to discuss the issue of isolation in older adults and the mental and physical health risks associated with loneliness. Tim shares his personal challenges with isolation and depression, while Elizabeth sheds light on the many problems older adults face and where to find help. Adult Services Director Mike McConnell also joins the conversation to share about the new exhibit “We’re Still Here” now showing at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) that was created by local seniors and features the many challenges they face. Most of us have at least one older adult in our lives, so tune in for this informative discussion and learn more about the many challenges they face and about supports and services available to them.

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STATE of MIND – Suicide & Grief: A Story of Hope remix

Episode #205: In this STATE OF MIND episode (remixed for broadcast) Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by guests Rabbi Lori Klein and Kara Bowman, LMFT to discuss grief following a suicide. Lori bravely shares about losing her mentally ill mother to suicide and her grieving and growing process over the 30+ years since. Kara Bowman, a Hospice therapist and grief and suicide specialist, contributes many insights about grief, about the ways many people grieve in general and specifically following a suicide. Join us for this beautiful story that travels the distance from tragedy to hope.

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STATE of MIND – Dual Diagnoses: The Challenges of Recovery

Episode #204: In this STATE OF MIND episode Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by guests Cynthia Nollenberger, LMFT & Rick to discuss the complicated intersection of substance use and metal health problems that afflicts nearly 8 million Americans. Often referred to as “dual diagnosis”, each condition affects the other making recovery more difficult. Rick shares his remarkable story of recovery, first from what he calls “insanity” and then later from addiction. Psychotherapist Cynthia Nollenberger, sheds light on common experiences of those who struggle with dual diagnoses, highlights risk factors, gives some advice to parents and shares information about local resources.

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STATE of MIND – Recovery from Serious Mental Illness & NAMI

Episode #203: In this STATE OF MIND episode Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by peer & NAMI educator Hugh McCormick and parent & NAMI educator Emily Chapman to talk about mental health recovery and the support, education and advocacy programs the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) has to offer to those with mental illness, family members and loved ones. Hugh shares his harrowing story of how his life as a college student was derailed by mental illness and how he finds his way to recovery and back to a life he loves living.

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STATE of MIND – Empowerment and Healing through Self-Defense

Episode #202: In this STATE OF MIND episode Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by Toni Crossen, LMFT and Denise Leto former women’s self-defense instructors to talk about how learning to protect yourself supports mental health and wellness. They share stories about women who do successfully defend themselves from attacks and about the many positive impacts self-defense training has on women’s lives. Toni and Denise share their experiences from more than 20 years of teaching women’s self-defense and training instructors as well as guidance about what to look for in a good self-defense program and community resources.

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