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First Responder Mental Health

Ep. 30: First Responders arrive at the scene of some of the most dangerous and demanding situations, providing immediate care, support, and medical assistance to survivors in the aftermath of a crime or disaster. This kind of work can take a toll on mental health. You’ll hear directly from police officers about their mental health challenges and learn from a critical incident specialist about the mental health needs of first responders and what support workplaces are providing.

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Part 1: Racism and Mental Health – The Effects

Ep. 24: Hear directly from Black community members about the difficult realities of racism and the detrimental effects it has on mental health. Guests describe how it is a daily stressor in their lives and explore the complex and subtle forms racism takes. This is the first of a two-show series on racism and mental health. Included is an extensive resource list.

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Mental Health Recovery after a Disaster

Ep. 23: Disaster response expert and fire survivors join us to discuss the mental health impacts of a disaster and to explore how we recover and build resilience. Guests share their experiences with emergency evacuation, losing their home, and finding a road forward. Additional first-person accounts and useful disaster resources can be found on the post.

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