State of Mind with Debra Sloss
State of Mind with Debra Sloss
The Complex Recovery of Co-Occurring Disorders (remix)

Episode 56: About one third of people who have a mental health condition also develop a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. In this episode, we discuss the complicated intersection of these problems, a combination that currently afflicts nearly 17 million Americans. These co-occurring disorders are often referred to as “dual diagnosis” and recovery is complicated by the ways in which each condition affects the other. Joining us for this conversation is psychotherapist Cynthia Nollenberger. Also with us is artist-musician Rick, who shares about his journey to mental health recovery and then, some years later, to substance use recovery. Although this interview was first recorded and broadcast in 2019, it has been re-edited with new material and two new “In Your Voice” stories added.

Broadcasts 7/2/23 & 7/10/23

Special thanks to Jeanne Baldzikowski for audio production and Patrice Vecchione for story coaching. And thanks to acoustic guitarist Adrian Legg for composing, performing, and donating the use of our theme music.

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* Indicates a Monterey Bay Area Resource

Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery Support Programs
*12 Step Recovery Programs – Free Local Groups – abstinence based model

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meeting Guides:  Santa Cruz County, Monterey Peninsula

Narcotics Anonymous (NA): Santa Cruz County, Monterey County Area

Marijuana Anonymous (MA):  Silicon Valley and California’s Central Coast

*Smart Recovery – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based self-help, substance-use recovery groups with a harm reduction model. Find in-person and online meetings near you.

*Refuge Recovery – Substance-use recovery support groups with a Buddhist-based recovery model. Find in person and online meetings near you.

El Camino Hospital Mental Health and Addiction Services – IOP (Intensive Out Patient) / PHP (Partial Hospitalization) for substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment-insurance or private pay.
Phone: 866-789-6089

*Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health – Provides assessments for residential and IOP (intensive outpatient program) levels of care-for substance abuse and assessments/treatment for mental health issues through Medi-Cal.
Access line-800-952-2335

*Ohana, the Montage Health Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health – Provides family-centered mental health care for children, teens and young adults, with outpatient and residential treatment of anxiety, mood, and attention disorders, as well as drug and alcohol issues. Located in Monterey, California on an innovative campus designed to heal — from open space, to classes, activities, therapy, and resources for families. New Patient Information. Phone: (831) 642-6201

*NAMI Santa Cruz County – Free classes & support groups, crisis information and locally oriented resources and support and advocacy on the countywide level.

NAMI National – Website with extensive information and research on mental health recovery and advocacy at the nation level.

NAMI California – Training, education and mental health advocacy information.

Residential Treatment available through private insurance providers. Contact your provider for more information about what is covered under your plan.

Beautiful Boy (2018 film)
A Beautiful Mind (2001 film)

Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction by David Sheff
Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff.

General Counseling and Therapy
Family Service Agency (FSA) of the Central Coast is a dedicated underwriter of State of Mind. FSA provides resources, support, and counseling services to adults and children.  FSA believes in the power and potential of people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their own creative solutions and welcomes people of diverse cultures, genders, sexual orientations, ages, faiths, socio–economic backgrounds.  FSA Counseling Offices offer Medi–Cal, Medicare, and low–cost, sliding scale services in both downtown Santa Cruz 831–423–9444 x200 and in Soquel 831–346–6767 x200.

*Shine a Light Counseling Center – provides affordable counseling for couples, individuals, children, and families in English or Spanish in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

Psychology Today – An online resource directory for finding  private practice therapists. Many therapists offer a free 15-minute initial consultation to see if there services might fit for you.

* Indicates a Monterey Bay Area Resource