Tune in at 12 a.m., Monday, Feb. 5th, and hear the Gypsy Scholar present his annual Orphic Essay-with-Soundtrack for the Celtic cross-quarter festival of Imbolc, which is traditionally celebrated (by Celtic peoples and Neopagans) on the eve of February 1st. This “fire festival” (one of the four main cross-quarter, seasonal festivals on the Celtic wheel of the year) is in honor Brigid, the Triple Goddess of Imbolc, who is the goddess of poetry, healing, and smith-craft.
Important Program Update: This program is now available for listening on the “Archived Musical Essays” webpage on the Tower of Song website at revradiotowerofsong.com and the corresponding playlist is located on the “Programs & Playlists” webpage.
Originally broadcast on the Jan. 29, and repeated Feb. 5 because the severe winter rainstorm had prevented the GS from driving to the station, the current program on the Tower of Song’s “Archived Musical Essays” webpage is an extended version different from the original broadcast, so never before heard.  (More time has given the GS the opportunity to improve the musical essay.) Please be sure to check out the brand new and vastly improved “Imbolc” webpage—a feast for the eyes! Please also note that it’s not too late for hearing a program about Imbolc, since it’s also celebrated according to astronomical and astrological timing, which (as mentioned in last week’s musical essay) puts Imbolc exactly between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, this year falling on Feb. 4th. Thus, the GS considers it not too late, since the broadcast was on the Imbolc night of the 4th. (And in some locales the observance of Imbolc, as the promise of Spring, can go on for a week or more.)