the strength, resilience and achievements of women worldwide, check out these episodes telling moving stories of women’s empowerment and progress:

  1. REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM: ESSENTIAL FOR MENTAL HEALTH – Amid recent upheavals in reproductive rights we delve into personal stories surrounding reproductive decisions and their mental health impact. Each narrative offers a unique perspective on the profound effects of reproductive choices.
  2. EMPOWERMENT AND HEALING THROUGH SELF-DEFENSE – Former women’s self-defense instructors Toni Crossen, LMFT, and Denise Leto, discuss the vital link between self-protection and mental wellness. They highlight the transformative impact of self-defense training in processing trauma and fostering empowerment.
  3. POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY – Laura Vollset and Maggie Muir, LMFT tackle Perinatal Depression & Anxiety (PPD), a common yet often undiagnosed complication of pregnancy. Laura shares her journey through debilitating PPD after the birth of her twins, emphasizing the importance of seeking support. Maggie, a Licensed Psychotherapist, provides insights into PPD risk factors and available help. This episode underscores the importance of addressing mental health during pregnancy and postpartum.
  4. GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE PREVENTION FOR TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS – In this episode, we address the widespread issue of gender-based violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault, predominantly impacting women and girls. We delve into the significant mental health effects on survivors, such as PTSD and depression, alongside societal stigma and how these guests are working on prevention and supporting victims.
  5. ANOREXIA NERVOSA RECOVERY – Anorexia Nervosa is a dangerous eating disorder with alarming mortality rates. We’re joined by biomedical writer Evelyn Strauss and psychotherapist Jeanne Willis, LMFT, to explore a story of remarkable recovery. Evelyn recounts her journey out of the grips of anorexia through an unconventional self-created path. Jeanne sheds light on the prevalence, myths, treatments, and resources available for eating disorders. It’s a compelling discussion highlighting hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Working together to create a world where every woman and girl can live healthy and free from discrimination and violence, where their rights are upheld, needs honored and their voices heard. One story at a time, let’s build a future where gender equality is not just a dream but a reality!

Happy International Women’s Day! 💪🚺✨

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