Category: State of Mind

Part 1: Racism and Mental Health – The Effects

Ep. 24: Hear directly from Black community members about the difficult realities of racism and the detrimental effects it has on mental health. Guests describe how it is a daily stressor in their lives and explore the complex and subtle forms racism takes. This is the first of a two-show series on racism and mental health. Included is an extensive resource list.

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Mental Health Recovery after a Disaster

Ep. 23: Disaster response expert and fire survivors join us to discuss the mental health impacts of a disaster and to explore how we recover and build resilience. Guests share their experiences with emergency evacuation, losing their home, and finding a road forward. Additional first-person accounts and useful disaster resources can be found on the post.

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Part II: Parenting Teens with Anxiety

Ep. 20: Continuing our series on Teens with Anxiety, we focus this time on the parenting experience. Guests discuss warning signs, ways to talk with your teen, strategies and approaches to support teens with anxiety. The impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on teens is also discussed. To learn more, listen to last month’s show Part 1: Teens with Anxiety (Ep. 19).

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Part I: Teens with Anxiety

Ep. 19: We hear from a college student about navigating severe anxiety since childhood, her placement in a residential treatment program and learning to work with her family to developed skills for life. Learn more about teen anxiety symptoms, tips for managing symptoms and get new resources. You may also want to check out Part 2 in this series: Parenting Teens with Anxiety (Ep. 20).

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