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Gender-Based Violence Prevention for Teens and Young Adults

Gender-based violence is an umbrella term that includes the more familiar descriptors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual violence and dating violence. It’s an extensive problem across our country and around the world, impacting one in every three girls. Teens and college students are particularly vulnerable. The coronavirus pandemic has amplified the problem and led to a rising number of crisis line calls and requests for services. For survivors, the mental health impacts are substantial and can include an array of symptoms. Join us to learn prevention tips and prepare yourself to help stop such violence.

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Living Well with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Ep. 32: The effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) go way beyond making someone a neat freak. This anxiety disorder is characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors that consume hours of people’s days, restrict their lives, and increase isolation and suffering. Join us as one woman shares her experience of having OCD since childhood and describes how she’s living a productive and fulfilling life. We’ll also learn from an anxiety specialist about OCD symptoms and evidence-based treatment approaches. This episode features a moving, original song written and performed by our guest about her experience of living with OCD.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Teens in the Pandemic

Ep. 31: After more than a year of online schooling, we look at the impact the pandemic is having on LGBTQ+ Teens and how schools and communities are responding. Teen guests courageously share the struggles they’ve faced and how they’ve persevered to find their voices as leaders and advocates. Joining us as guest host for this conversation is queer community member, recent college graduate, and former State of Mind guest, Adam Lanfear. In honor of Pride Month, come along with us to learn how gestures that may seem small, signal acceptance in big ways… and could help save a life.

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First Responder Mental Health

Ep. 30: First Responders arrive at the scene of some of the most dangerous and demanding situations, providing immediate care, support, and medical assistance to survivors in the aftermath of a crime or disaster. This kind of work can take a toll on mental health. You’ll hear directly from police officers about their mental health challenges and learn from a critical incident specialist about the mental health needs of first responders and what support workplaces are providing.

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Part 1: Racism and Mental Health – The Effects

Ep. 24: Hear directly from Black community members about the difficult realities of racism and the detrimental effects it has on mental health. Guests describe how it is a daily stressor in their lives and explore the complex and subtle forms racism takes. This is the first of a two-show series on racism and mental health. Included is an extensive resource list.

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