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Building Resilience: What’s Your Soul Food? – Part 1

Ep. 42: To honor Mental Health Awareness Month, we ask the question, “What’s Your Soul Food?“ We hear from listeners about the many ways they take care of their bodies and minds in order to support their mental health. Joining your host Debra Sloss is psychotherapist and trauma specialist Kara Bowman to discuss how these self-care choices can build resilience and support mental and physical health. Be sure to join us again next month for Part 2 in this series to hear more!

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Caring for Aging and Dying Parents

Ep. 37: One in six Americans are currently providing care to someone age 50 or older. The majority of these caregivers are women, and many find it difficult to balance with raising children and meeting work and family commitments. We’re joined by award-winning author, Laura Davis, who has a new memoir about reconciling her strained relationship with her mother as she cares for her through her dementia and death. We’re also joined by Chief Medical Officer at Hospice of Santa Cruz County and palliative care specialist, Dr. Karl Segnitz, who discusses ways families can navigate end-of-life challenges and find support.

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Racism & Mental Health: One Year Later

Ep. 36: This show is a follow-up to a two–part series produced in 2020 that examined the effects of racism on mental health. Guest host Gail Borkowski welcomes back Black community members–activist Joy Flynn, psychologist Dr. Robert Bartee, and educator/activist Jason Seals–to talk about the detrimental effects of racism on mental health, the impact of the last year’s events, what’s changed, and what still needs to change to achieve greater health equity and well-being for Blacks and people of color.

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Suicide Loss, Grief and Recovery

Ep. 35: Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States and a preventable public health problem. In this show, we talk with suicide prevention and support professional, Carly Memoli, and with Leslie Nielsen whose adult son Ben died by suicide early this year. We discuss complicated grief and explore how one learns to cope after someone they’ve loved or cared about has died by suicide. This show is part 2 of a two-part series on suicide. We invite you to also check out last month’s show, Ep. 34: Suicide Prevention for Teens and Young Adults.

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Suicide Prevention for Teens and Young Adults

Ep. 34: For National Suicide Prevention Month, we focus on suicide prevention for teens and young adults. Being informed about suicide can help prevent many of these tragic deaths. In this show we talk about feeling suicidal, where to find help and support, and how to recognize warning signs. We also learn about how to help others who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts or feelings. This is part 1 of a 2-part series. Next month’s show focuses on complicated grief and recovering from losing a loved one to suicide.

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Gender-Based Violence Prevention for Teens and Young Adults

Gender-based violence is an umbrella term that includes the more familiar descriptors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual violence and dating violence. It’s an extensive problem across our country and around the world, impacting one in every three girls. Teens and college students are particularly vulnerable. The coronavirus pandemic has amplified the problem and led to a rising number of crisis line calls and requests for services. For survivors, the mental health impacts are substantial and can include an array of symptoms. Join us to learn prevention tips and prepare yourself to help stop such violence.

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