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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Mental Health

Ep. 46: An inside look at traumatic brain injury, or “TBI,” and how these injuries influence mental health. People of all ages get them in a variety of ways—from sports injuries to car accidents to domestic falls and many of these individuals develop mental health symptoms that can last for months or even years. Our guest and author JoAnne Jones talks about recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury that occurred when she was assaulted and robbed. Also with us is rehabilitation and physical medicine specialist Dr. Jennifer Yu who shares information about the mental health symptoms, treatment approaches, and recovery strategies associated with mild to severe traumatic brain injuries.

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Weathering Climate Change

Ep. 45: People all over the world are experiencing mental health issues in response to climate change, including trauma, anxiety, and grief. In this episode, we’re joined by Gen Zer Chloe Rosen who talks about growing up with climate change awareness and its impact on their mental health. Also with us is Paula Wild, a Millennial Yoga Therapist and Outdoor Educator who shares some healing practices that can help us individually and in community be better prepared to address the growing global mental health crisis caused by climate change.

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Mental Health Effects of Lyme Disease (remix)

Episode #44: Psychotherapist Debra Sloss is joined by Judith Ain and Family Medicine Physician Assistant and Integrative Medicine Specialist Dr. Cynthia Quattro to discuss tick-borne Lyme Disease and the mental health effects associated with it. Judith shares her personal story of trying to figure out what was happening as her health deteriorated and how she got diagnosed, sought treatment and learned to live with long-term symptoms. Dr. Quattro offers information about the cause of Lyme Disease and how and where to get accurately diagnosed. She also shares information about integrative treatment approaches.

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Building Resilience: What’s Your Soul Food? – Part 2

Ep. 43: Join us this month as we take a deeper dive into the question “What’s Your Soul Food?“ We continue to explore the many ways our listeners take care of their bodies and minds. We’ll learn more about how these self-care practices help us work through traumas and find resilience when facing life’s many challenges. Joining your host Debra Sloss is psychotherapist and trauma specialist Kara Bowman. Together they discuss how self-care supports mental and physical health. Be sure to check out Episode 42, Part 1 in the Building Resilience series to hear more on this topic!

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Building Resilience: What’s Your Soul Food? – Part 1

Ep. 42: To honor Mental Health Awareness Month, we ask the question, “What’s Your Soul Food?“ We hear from listeners about the many ways they take care of their bodies and minds in order to support their mental health. Joining your host Debra Sloss is psychotherapist and trauma specialist Kara Bowman to discuss how these self-care choices can build resilience and support mental and physical health. Be sure to join us again next month for Part 2 in this series to hear more!

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Caring for Aging and Dying Parents

Ep. 37: One in six Americans are currently providing care to someone age 50 or older. The majority of these caregivers are women, and many find it difficult to balance with raising children and meeting work and family commitments. We’re joined by award-winning author, Laura Davis, who has a new memoir about reconciling her strained relationship with her mother as she cares for her through her dementia and death. We’re also joined by Chief Medical Officer at Hospice of Santa Cruz County and palliative care specialist, Dr. Karl Segnitz, who discusses ways families can navigate end-of-life challenges and find support.

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