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Mental Health Crisis Toolkit

Episode #27: Joining Debra Sloss this month are mental health crisis response expert James Russell, LMFT and volunteer mental health advocates Jennifer Wentworth and Cathy Pereyra both of whom have first-hand experience using mental health crisis services. James describes the current mental health response systems and gives tips about when and how to best use them. Jennifer earned keen wisdom as she journeyed from repeated cycles of crisis—she was hospitalized 150 times—to mental health recovery. She shares her insights, including those about how she’s reduced her need for crisis services. Cathy explores what she and her family have learned from supporting her adult son who suffers from schizophrenia at the same time as they cared for themselves and became more skillful at using crisis services. Jennifer and Cathy demonstrate that mental health recovery is possible and give specific suggestions to help others get started in that direction!

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