Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
A Long Road to Tao: A Thought-Provoking and Uplifting Film Inspired by a True Story

“A Long Road to Tao:  A Thought-Provoking and Uplifting Film Inspired by a True Story”

“Be Bold America!” Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 5:00pm (PT)

This interview will take you on a journey into the recesses of your soul and will explore the ontological question:

What is our underlying essence?

Internationally acclaimed, Pulitzer Prize nominated, and local author and filmmaker, Michael A. Allen, uses the metaphor of the sea, and its ebb and flow, to describe the Tao of life’s cycle.

And, he discovers within this unique reflection a new way to comfort and heal the Self from the trauma of death. Michael was inspired to write his book Tao of Surfing: Finding Depth at Low Tide after his

lifelong best friend and surfing partner suddenly came out as gay and died from AIDS in 1989.

The book subsequently became the basis for the soon-to-be-released feature film, A Long Road to Tao, which Michael co-wrote and produced.

Michael Allen will be joined in this interview by A Long Road to Tao cast member and fellow surfer, Mike Clancy, to discuss the book, the making of the film, the politics surrounding the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, and how the film relates to political issues facing the LGBTQ community today.

Interview Guest (pictured):

Michael A Allen: Internationally acclaimed, and Pulitzer Prize nominated author Michael A Allen, hold a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Certificate and Asian Studies from California State University at Long Beach, and is a member of the Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Honor Society. While serving as President of the Student Philosophy Association, he chaired a Medical Ethics session for a seminar on Applied Ethics. He also presented “The Application of Taoist Principles in Everyday Living” at University of Hawaii’s International Society for Chinese Philosophy Conference. Michael, his wife, and their children live along the Central Coast of California. He has been surfing for over 30 years.

Interview Guest:

Mike Clancy holds degrees in oceanography and meteorology and is a former Technical and Scientific Director of the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center in Monterey.  He has authored over 100 publications in meteorology, oceanography and information technology, and received over 50 professional awards, including the Navy’s highest civilian award, the Distinguished Civilian Service Award, signed by the Secretary of the Navy.  Mike serves on the “Question Review Team” for the Annual Leon Panetta Lecture Series and is a frequent public speaker on climate change.   He currently Chairs the Monterey County Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.