Good News Santa Cruz
The Green Workforce and Education Policy under a California Green New Deal

On Good News Santa Cruz host Christine Barrington continues her series with Greenpower’s Dr. Jon Conway as his team winds it way forward in creating a comprehensive proposal for a California Green New Deal.

The first draft of this 13-part policy vision has been completed. On this episode Christine and Jon will discuss in detail the proposals around a Green Work Force and education policies under a California Green New Deal.

You can contact Dr. Conway with questions or requests to read their 50-page CA Green New Deal Proposal at this address:

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March 12, 2020 Governance and novel ways to finance a California Green New Deal.

January 9, 2020 explores the Developmental arc for the proposal, which includes the public feedback process and pathway to passage, as well as Section 1 on Emissions Standards.

November 21, 2019: Introduction to the California Green New Deal proposal and Emissions standards

August 22, 2019: In a related interview listen to Sara Nelson of the Romero Institute and her fascinating insights into the Romero Institute’s efforts to create a California Green New Deal.


Below Photo: Dr. Jon Conway and colleagues at the CPUC