Good News Santa Cruz
California Green New Deal - Continued

Christine Barrington of Good News Santa Cruz interviews Dr. Jon Conway of Greenpower whose team is working within the Romero Institute to craft a roadmap to a California Green New Deal.  Last November Dr. Conway shared the overall vision of this revolutionary document. In this episode we explore in-depth the developmental arc of Greenpower’s proposed California Green New Deal, which follows a five-stage process:

Stage 1: First Draft. Stage one is now complete and has resulted in a 50-page document comprised of 13 sections covering every aspect of life that will be transformed by this new law. If you would like to read this document and offer feedback, you are welcome to contact Greenpower and request a digital copy.

Stage 2: Working Groups for feedback and review, leading to Draft 2. Stage two is currently in development. Thirteen specialized working groups comprised of experts and community leaders in their respective fields will be convened to review each section of the proposal. The feedback generated from each of these working groups will be considered and integrated resulting in a second draft of the proposal.

Stage 3: Public Feedback and Draft 3.  In this stage of development, Draft 2 will be taken to the people of California for their input and review. Feedback from citizens will be integrated into Draft 3, which will be the seed document used to develop the actual bill.

Stage 4: Collaborating will legal experts, Greenpower will draft a bill that will enter the political process for passage

Stage 5: Pass the bill. It is still under consideration which process to engage for passage of the bill. The traditional path to passage in Sacramento or a Ballot Initiative for forward for the direct vote of the people.

Join us and hear the good news.