Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Rock Stars for Trans Rights: Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience
On Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience, Ami speaks with three, national “Rock Stars for Trans Rights” on “Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills.” Erin Reed, of the hugely popular Subtstack and TikTok channel: Erin In the Morning, partner to Montana Trans-gender state legislator Zooey Zephyr and commentator for The New York Times, AP, Reuters and the Washington Post. Maebe A. Girl, running for Adam Schiff’s congressional seat in Southern California (District 30) who, if elected, would be the first Trans person in Congress; and attorney and Emmy-Award-winning journalist Kristen Browde, Vice-President of LGBTQ Democrats in Miami, Florida and a superstar TikTok Creator, reporting on child sexual abuse–and who is doing it and who is not, across the nation. Browde is also a former CBS correspondent and anchor. Join all of these powerhouse champions for LGBTQ+ rights on a very special Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills,
Topics include:
  • Statistics on child sexual abuse. How many Trans or Drag Queens have been charged or convicted this year? How many ordained clergy members? How many Republicans? How many Democrats?
  • Is there hope within the current avalanche of ant-Trans and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Red States and even Blue States?
  • Where do Trans and LGBTQ+ people draw their hope and inspiration?
  • Remembering Trans individuals who were killed or took their lives.
  • Celebrating these three amazing and courageous activists for Trans Rights.

Show Notes and Resources:

Erin in the Morning on Substack:

Maebe A. Girl campaign website, California District 30:

Kristen Browde at Browde Law:

Kristen Browde, Stats on Child Sexual Abuse:

Pew Research Stats:

Human Rights Campaign Report on Violence and Homicide Against Trans and LGBTQ+ Humans: