Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
California Green New Deal: Governance and Financing the Dream

Good News Santa Cruz host Christine Barrington continues her series with Greenpower’s Dr. Jon Conway as his team winds it way forward in creating a comprehensive proposal for a California Green New Deal.

The first draft of this 13-part policy vision has been completed. Christine and Jon will discuss in detail the proposals around state governance and novel ways to finance the epic changes required to enact a California Green New Deal.

You can contact Dr. Conway with questions or requests to read their 50-page CA Green New Deal Proposal at this address:

Listen to our previous interviews with Dr. Conway:

November 21, 2019: Introduction to the California Green New Deal proposal

January 9, 2020 explores the Developmental arc for the proposal, which includes the public feedback process and pathway to passage, as well as Section 1 on Emissions Standards.

August 22, 2019: In a related interview listen to Sara Nelson of the Romero Institute and her fascinating insights into the Romero Institute’s efforts to create a California Green New Deal.