The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal: Sharon Reinbott, Re-Imagining Christianity

Sharon Reinbott has been working with her dreams for over ten years.  She describes dream work as the “single most growth-producing, healing, and spiritually arduous” modality she has ever used.  In 2013, she retired from a long career and began to re-imagine Christianity, through writing new words to old, familiar Christian hymns.  She holds an M.A. degree in Culture and Spirituality from the Sophia Center at Holy Names University in Oakland, California.  She is also a certified Purpose Guide by the Purpose Guides Institute in Fairfax, California.  Her main interests lie in Evolutionary Spirituality and Deep Time, and embodying the Divine by living one’s purpose, while living one’s life on Earth.

Featured song: Sweet Spot of Your Life by Ana Hernandez and Fran McKendree

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