Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Moms for Liberty and other Far Right groups are already organizing in counties and cities across California. Could it happen here?  
Santa Cruz County is majority Democratic and considers itself to be highly “inclusive.” “Moms for Liberty” and other far right, extremist groups have taken over school boards across the nation with an eye toward banning books, dehumanizing and even demonizing the LGBTQ+ population in their areas and erasing the real histories of people of color.
Talk of the Bay host Ami Chen Mills hosts Ali Collins, San Francisco School Commissioner who was recalled amidst a Far Right smear campaign during the pandemic and Christina Johnson, a Temecula, California parent and social and racial justice activist who saw Moms for Liberty take over the Temecula school board, led by a local evangelical pastor. Tune in to learn how these groups are funded and how they “sneak” into communities and school boards, even in Democratic districts.
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