Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Medicare for All, Free Tuition, and Strong Climate Policy: Necessary and Possible!

On Good News Santa Cruz this week Christine Barrington interviews local political scientist Paul Schaarfsma who is encouraging citizens to open their minds to the possibility that three critical policies are necessary and achievable: Medicare for All; Tuition Reform; and Radical Climate Action.

For decades conservatives have been blocking and reversing policies supportive of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Both the New Deal, born in FDR’s administration, and the environmental movement of the early 70’s contained ideas and policies that could have been built upon to create conditions for an evolving system supportive of all life. Because of a dedicated effort to erode these liberal gains, we now face both a democratic and existential crisis. Only a total system shift will enable us to get back on track and save human civilization from imminent collapse.

The campaign of Bernie Sanders is the only one willing to address system issues with big policy proposals. Under the weight of constant propaganda from monied interests Americans have come to believe that reasonable policies such as universal access to healthcare, affordable higher education, and effective climate action are “radical” liberal dreams that are impossible to achieve and fiscally irresponsible. Yet these same interests have been able to achieve tax cuts for wealthy citizens and corporations, as well as significantly increases for the military draining governmental coffers of resources that could have been invested in these generative policies.  Paul encourages us to change our minds and expectations and then stand for these policies, which are both reasonable and achievable.