The Dream Journal
Mindfulness, Sleep and Dreaming with Tzivia Gover

We talk about how mindfulness can help you get a better night’s sleep and how to use writing to deepen your personal dream work. We also ask what’s exciting about mundane dreams, and why is it called mindfulness anyway when the goal of it is to get OUT of your mind? As a bonus, we have a one minute check in around the Summer Solstice by Cosmic Joe Jordan of KUSP Planet Watch fame.

Author and certified dreamwork professional Tzivia Gover uses dreamwork, writing, and mindfulness-based practices to awaken people to the extraordinary joy, beauty, and wisdom present in daily life. She offers one-on-one dreamwork sessions, and workshops including “Dreaming on the Page” writing classes and trainings in dream studies and professional dream group leadership.  Tzivia’s has taught online and in person, in the US and abroad at: Esalen Institute, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, international conferences, colleges and universities, among many others. Her books include Joy in Every Moment and The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s SleepShe is the education director for the Institute for Dream Studies and is the founder and leader of 350 Dreamers, an international group that gathers on Facebook to dream for global healing in the face of climate change. She has her MFA in writing from Columbia University and is a certified Proprioceptive Writing instructor and Reiki Master.

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Show aired on June 20, 2020.


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