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Solving the Housing Crisis: A talk with Prof. Steve McKay

In this segment I talk with UCSC professor Steve McKay about the extent of and solutions for the current housing crisis in Santa Cruz. During the Covid year, already astronomical rental prices in the area skyrocketed nearly 40%. What is driving the price increase might surprise you as might the solutions to this dilemma. Here is a link to his study, where he talked with over 1700 renters in Santa Cruz County.

Steve McKay is associate professor of Sociology and Director of the UCSC Center for Labor Studies.  His research has focused on labor, gender, migration, racial formation, and globalization.  He is currently working on a book, based on historical and multi-sited ethnographic research, focused on the rise and reproduction of ethno-national labor niches in contemporary global labor markets.  The book, focused on global shipping, is entitled Born to Sail? Race, Masculinity and the Making of Filipino Seafarers.  Steve is also working locally in the Santa Cruz area on a series of community-initiated student-engaged research (CISER) projects: We Belong We Belong – Collaboration for Community-Engaged Research and Immigrant Justice; Working for Dignity – the Low Wage Worker Study of Santa Cruz County; No Place Like Home – The Affordable Housing Crisis Study of SC County.