Reflections on Buddhism
Reflections on Buddhism
Making a Case for Compassion with Guest Sara Schairer

Making a Case for Compassion
with special guest Sara Schairer

This month, we are excited to have Sara Schairer, compassion educator, as our guest. Sara Schairer is the founder and executive director of Compassion It®, a nonprofit organization and global social movement whose mission is to inspire daily compassionate actions and attitudes.  A facilitator of the Compassion Cultivation Training® (CCT) course, Sara leads trainings for audiences of all walks of life, from corporate executives to inmates at correctional facilities.

Sara is a contributing author to the book The Neuroscience of Learning and Development: Enhancing Creativity, Compassion, Critical Thinking and Peace in Education, and writes for Deepak Chopra’s Center for Wellbeing website.

Sara’s new book, A Case for Compassion: What Happens When We Prioritize People and the Planet, is available now.