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How to Support Others with Their Dreams with Dr. Leslie Ellis

Dr. Leslie Ellis teaches therapists to learn how to explore dreams with their clients. Natural empathy and curiosity can be used by anyone wanting to support a client or a friend with a dream they are curious about. We talked in depth with Leslie on Aug 8, 2020 about nightmares, so we skip the background talk and go right to Leslie’s latest dreams and interests.

We speak about the power of dream shards (aka snippets) and encourage listeners to record even their smallest dreams. We then shift to somatics and the “felt sense” which is the basis for the famous dreamer’s “aha”. We talk about Leslie’s specialty of trauma therapy; what are the hallmarks of PTSD, and how can dreams mark that the condition is waning? We end with a plea for people to get help with their nightmares especially if they are having suicidal thoughts.

BIO: Dr. Leslie Ellis is an author, teacher, speaker and clinical dreamworker. Her recent book, A Clinician’s Guide to Dream Therapy (Routledge, 2019) offers therapists a primer in modern, experiential dreamwork methods. Her award-winning PhD research developed a nightmare treatment process for refugees. She honed her somatic, experiential focus through extensive study of focusing, a gentle embodied approach to therapy and she is a past president of The International Focusing Institute. She studied depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and her practice is a hybrid of Jungian and focusing-oriented approaches. She is also an expert in treatment of complex trauma and post-traumatic stress injury and developed and taught trauma work at Adler University in Vancouver.

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Show aired on September 11, 2021.


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