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Humanity at an Inflection Point with Christine Barrington

Will we make it to a safer age? Humanity balances between two paths: self-destruction or self-revelation. Our guest, Christine Barrington describes this critical inflection point and argues that dreams awaken us to the realm of purpose and meaning arguing that every one of us has much to contribute to the path of humanity.

Christine begins with James Braid then outlines the complicated history of science and consciousness including how they got separated in the first place, culminating with the philosophy of positivism which is the belief nothing exists that cannot be verified. She notes in contrast that most of the giants of quantum theory were also mystics including Planck (mentioning his book Where Science is Going) and also Einstein, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Bohr, and Pauli. On the thread of consciousness,  she quotes Carl Jung and his work on the tension of the opposites and synchronicity, also Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ken Wilbur, and Joe Dispenza and the birth of neurophysiology and mindfulness.

Christine brings it together talking about Thomas Campbell and his book My Big TOE and his “theory of everything,” which argues that consciousness is the basis for everything and that we are here on this planet to learn and evolve that consciousness, one person at a time. She plays a quote of his about how dreaming gives us information about our selves in that how we react in dreams is how we are. As we learn to be more living and present, then our dreams evolve too.

Christine ends by sharing information about a conference put on by Campbell’s organization, the Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness, and the the symposium they will be hosting in September.

BIO: Christine Barrington has worked as a psychotherapist and transformational coach and is a seeker who has invested years searching for answers underlying the challenges of human existence. She asks will we make it to a safer age?

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This show, episode number 256, was recorded during a live broadcast on April 27, 2024 at, community radio of Santa Cruz.

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