Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
"Holding Our Politicians' Feet to the Fire”

“Holding Our Politicians’ Feet to the Fire”

Tune in to “Be Bold America!” Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 5:00pm (PDT)

The presidential election is bearing down upon us. When considering their choices, voters must consider accountability for an elected official’s personal and professional actions first rather than ideology or political party. In a democracy, it is up to the citizens to hold the politicians’ feet to the fire. They chose to run for office. Was their choice based on service or self-service?

Social media is a force to be reckoned with. Even more so as this presidential election is rife with emotions and false-narratives. When you make your choice for whom to vote for have you taken a firm stand on the issues you’re most concern about?

Accountability also means that citizens deserve open government, but how can that be accomplished? Would those you have chosen to vote for be willing to consider legislation that would require them to:

(1) Wear cameras and microphones for recording all public-business conversations,

(2) Publish all written public-business communications sent out or received-and-read,

(3) Appear every 14 days on television across the table from a citizen chosen by lottery (or the citizen’s proxy spokesperson) for a 30-minute conversation, and

(4) Archive all of the above daily on the internet?

Interview Guests:

Ed Frey, JD, has practiced law since the late 60s beginning in San Francisco. He moved to Santa Cruz in 1984 and has been representing the poor and near-poor ever since. Ed is a Santa Cruz community activist and ran for Congress and District Attorney each twice.

Mark Karlin is the founder, editor and publisher of, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this past May. BuzzFlash was among the first reader-powered progressive sites on the Internet. It aggressively exposes the undermining of democracy and the ongoing peril of the Trump administration.

Mark holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English, cum laude, from Yale University and a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Illinois. He resides in the Midwest, which provides him with a political perspective from outside the Washington, DC, bubble.