Tune in at 12 a.m., Monday, April 15th, and hear the Gypsy Scholar present the 9th installment of the Orphic Essay-with-Soundtrack series “The Troubadours & The Beloved: The Religion of Love/Amor.” This series explores the medieval origins of our notion of “romantic love” and the modern, secular love song, and why certain 60s singer-songwriters were dubbed “Troubadours.” This 9th part focuses in on the connection between the troubadours and the (Gnostic) Cathars (the “Heretics of the Provence”) and the Albigensian Crusade launched against them by the pope. It also looks into the rival “Church of Amor” to the “Church of Roma” and takes seriously the radical theory of a “Secret Love-Cult” behind the troubadours. Be sure to check out the “The Troubadours & The Beloved” webpages (2 + “Courtly Love/Amor”) at revradiotowerofsong.com, so you can literally “see what I mean.”

“The young Grail King, coming of age, rode forth therefore on adventure, like any young knight of his day, and his battle cry was Amor.” ~ Joseph Campbell