Faith Matters: Connection


A neo-Pagan, evangelical pastor, and a teacher of a Hindu Vedic faith discuss what their traditions say about connecting with the Divine.

Topic:       Connection


  • Janardan Maharaj (Hindu Vedic)

  • Pastor Jesse West (Evangelical)

  • Sandy Stone (Neo-Pagan) 

All of us in our lives wonder at some point if there is a larger purpose in life beyond what we can see with our human eyes. We wonder if there is a spiritual reality beyond the physical world. In all different cultures, people have a longing to try to connect with a Higher Power or  larger spiritual forces. And this desire to connect with a Divine Power shapes the way we see our world and how we live our lives:

  • What is this connection that spiritual traditions claim to provide us with?
  • What practices are involved in experiencing this connection to a Higher Power?
  • How do you know that this is a real connection to a Higher Power and not just human phenomenon?