Faith Matters: Solutions


A yoga teacher, Scientology minister and an Anglican priest discuss how they see the problems of humanity and the Solutions offered by their spiritual traditions.

Topic:       Solutions


  • Father Kyle Logan (Anglican)

  • Lori Lipton-Ritland (Yoga Tradition)

  • Rick Melrose (Scientology) 

Every good story has a problem, a vexing challenge that the protagonist faces–a conflict with a bad guy, a difficult accomplishment to reach, a situation that causes deep pain and frustration.  And the main character works hard to resolve this conflict, eventually leading to a moving climax, where the problem is faced and there is a final resolution.  The resolution involves a working out of that conflict in a way where the main character reaches their goal, or evil is vanquished, or success is accomplished. Every great spiritual tradition also tells a grand cosmic story–where each of us humans face challenges, fears,  and difficulties, and they claim to offer guidance and solutions that can help us resolve the stuck areas of our lives. On this program, our guests have a conversation about the spiritual solutions offered by their faith traditions:

  • What do these religious traditions say are the core problems with humanity?
  • What do these traditions say is the solution to these core problems?
  • What is the actual origin of these supposed spiritual solutions?
  • What makes followers believe that these solutions are really real solutions and not just blind faith?