KSQD Talks Music
KSQD Talks Music
Zambra: A Celebration of Women's Voices with Music from Around the World

On Talk of the Bay, Monday, December 26, 2022 Christine Barrington hosts Kathryn Veditz and Kathleen Loveless, members of the Santa Cruz-based female vocal ensemble Zambra. Zambra highlights the glory of the human voice through its global expressions. They have just released their latest album this month, and it seemed the perfect moment to uplift their music and explore in depth the full arc of their artistic expression, which spans nearly three decades of performing and recording.

The first half of the show focuses on their 2010 Album Her Feet in the Sea. With 13 tracks of mesmerizing harmonies inspired by songs from the Jewish Diaspora.

The second half of the show highlights their latest EP Gathering In, which was released this December 1 and features songs from the United States, Scotland, England, Ukraine, and Sweden.

Purchase their gorgeous music from their website: Zambra.org 

Their music is also featured on Bandcamp where you can listen to excerpts and purchase individual songs or entire albums: https://zambrasingers.bandcamp.com






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