Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Turning Out the Vote this November 3rd

On Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, September 8, 2020 the focus is on the fast approaching November elections. For many people it is clear that this election is not business as usual. Some feel the viability of the American  Constitution is at stake, and with so much on line, what is the part ordinary people can play in making this election unfold with as much integrity as possible? 

Host Christine Barrington will be interviewing Gail Pellerin, the Santa Cruz County Clerk and head of VOTES COUNT to help voters understand what actions they can take to ensure their vote will be counted, what precautions will be in place to make in-person voting safe and how they can help support polling stations by volunteering.

Votes Count and election officials have been working hard to deliver democracy in Santa Cruz County. Every citizen will automatically be delivered a mail-in ballot in order to offer citizens a clear way to vote safely in the midst of a pandemic. Look on your ballot for a listing of drop-off locations across the county that will have their contents collected daily by a bi-partisan team. If you choose to vote in person there will be 15 polling stations open for four days beginning on Halloween, October 31, 2020. There will also be a vote mobile station which Votes Count can use to travel to those who may fall through the cracks. There are many other  interesting details related to the election that Gail offers during this show. We have much to appreciate about our local election officials.

Following Gail is return guest Rene Bloch of Santa Cruz Swing Left who will help listeners understand powerful actions they can take starting today to help turn out the vote in Swing States that will likely decide the future of the American experiment.  Swing Left is highly strategic and effective grass-roots group that is helping citizens to play a part in turning out the vote in swing districts across the nation. If you feel like you live in an election bubble here in California, please understand that you can make a decisive difference right from your living starting immediately. Action options include: Letter writing through Vote Forward; Having Citizen Conversations through calling voters in Swing Districts. Both of these actions are highly effective is helping to turn out the vote. 

Local Santa Cruz citizens have already written 50,000 letters, an incredible accomplishment. Vote Forward has a goal of citizens writing 10,000,000 letters. They are well on their way, and you can help!  Some elections have hinged on just a few votes. Imagine your efforts being the decisive action that made a difference.

Calling voters and having conversations with them simply about voting makes an enormous difference. Please note: Swing Left does not encourage voters to vote liberal or conservative, they only enourgage folks to vote. Period.  Swing Left provides training and social support to make these efforts a joy. Reach out to Swing Left Santa Cruz a BE THE CHANGE that you can believe in.

If you listen to this podcast you will see that we have much to be proud of in Santa Cruz, California.