Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
When Fascism Comes to Your Town: Red Incursions into Blue States

Picture this … a lovely, little seaside community at the northern edge of Monterey Bay in California … fertile agriculture to the South, and in the Salinas Valley. … In Watsonville: a farming and farmworker community … But trouble is brewing, and it reflects the tendrils of fascism that have been creeping into even liberal enclaves and leftist circles for some time.

Our deep Blue, California community–perhaps like yours?–has been disrupted by a “Moms for Liberty” organizing meeting, abandonment of LGBTQ+ rights by “progressives” and liberals, disinformation worm holes into Far Right propaganda from normally leftist or liberal groups and individuals … and Ron DeSantis showing up for fundraisers with Big Ag folks. What do we do about all of this?

With DSA Santa Cruz co-chair, organizer and city council candidate Joy Schendledecker, Jenn Reeves, California Regional Director for Defense of Democracy, a national organization dedicated to combating the efforts of Moms for Liberty and Christo-nationalism across the United States, especially on school boards. She is based in Temecula, CA, which has been a hot spot for Moms for Liberty and related, Christo-nationalist groups. Also: MOT roving reporter Meilin Obinata reports on California developers and Big Ag for DeSantis and more …


  • Odd intersections between Far Left and Far Right.
  • White feminism, the anti-Trans movement and fascism.
  • When progressives go down rabbit holes.
  • What happens when Moms for Liberty shows up in your town?
  • What can ordinary people do about this?

Show Notes and Resources:

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Naomi Klein’s book Doppelgänger


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