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"What Should We Do??” Action Items for the Coming Election

In this energetic dialogue with the co-founders of the Get-Out-the-Vote and electoral organizing groups “Force Multiplier” and “Showing Up for Racial Justice,” we discuss the differences between Centrist Democrats and Progressives and/or  “Left” Democrats … and how should we think about the coming election? Plus: the possibility and implications of another Trump Presidency, Project 2025, the impacts of the current war/genocide/ethnic cleansing in Gaza and what is our obligation at this time to getting out the vote? How can we help?

With specific action items and resources, some of which are listed below.

Show Notes and Resources:

Force Multiplier Website:

Showing Up for Racial Justice national website:

Showing Up for Racial Justice Santa Cruz County:

Swing Left Santa Cruz County:

Ami’s Medium essays on Trump and his global crime syndicate:

On the alternative to Biden, written before Oct. 7:

On the need to ensure the GOP does not win, in 2022 or 2024:

On events leading up to Jan. 6, 2021:

On racism in the Trump White House and in the United States, with receipts:

An early essay on Trump, including his belief in eugenics and “superior genes:

Past MOT shows on Christo-nationalism and Christo-fascism:

“When Fascism Comes to Your Town: Red Incursions into Blue States”

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