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Awakening to Black Love with Mutima Imani (featuring the work of Dr. Marvin X)

On Talk of the Bay, Monday, May 16, 2022 Christine Barrington welcomes back Queen Reverend Mutima Imani to speak about her upcoming May 25 online event Awakening to Black Love featuring Dr. Marvin X and his book “How To Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy: A 12-Step Model.

May 25th marks the 2-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd under the knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. A global outpouring of grief followed this event with many declarations made to address and redress the conditions that cause Black Americans to face grim realities related to their physical, emotional, psychological and spirituality safety in this nation. Although passions ran high after the graphic film showing Floyd’s sorrowful death, few of these declarations have led to significant changes in the policies that govern our polis. If anything, racial tensions are degenerating as our society becomes more polarized. 

Queen Reverend Mutima Imani is determined to use her knowledge and gifts to shift this reality and create change within her sphere of influence. Her mission is to shift people’s perceptions and open their hearts. And, through these opened mind and hearts she is encouraging an explicit embrace and loving of Black people, Black culture and Black values at their highest. Her last event featured Dr. Cornell West and the Philosopher/Mystic Orland Bishop. 

“We have the power to create a just world, and it starts with loving Blackness and celebrating Black Brilliance!”



Queen Reverend Mutima Imani.                            Dr. Cornell West with Dr. Marvin X


You can reach Mutima Imani at: mutimaimani.com

or email her at Awakenblacklove@gmail.com