Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Wear A Mask Contest Winners!

What better way to encourage all listeners to wear their masks than a good radio jingle? The best jingles stick in your head, whether you want them to or not.

KSQD thanks all the contestants who entered our KSQD “Wear a Mask” jingle contest. We had  panel of four long-time radio hosts as judges: Clara Shirley-Appel, Noreen Nolan, Manuel Zavala, and me. So many of the 29 entries were creative and worthy of airtime. We chose these seven entries (three in each category, plus honorable mention).

And the winners are…in no particular order…

Best “Wear a Mask” Songs:

Dan Frechette for “Covid Prison Blues”

Mira Goto and Steve Seskin for “I’m About to Lose My Sh%t” (radio-friendly version)

David Drake for “Oh, Don (a Mask)”

Honorable Mention:

T-Bone Mojo-“Wear a Mask Blues”

Best “Wear a Mask” Jingles:

Desirae Adams “Wear Your Mask”

Michael Limarcus  “Covid Jingle”

Matthew Peirce  “Wear a Mask”

Special thanks to our very creative runners up. You can hear their submissions here:

Charles Peronne

Kathleen Eshen-Pipes 

Jezzanna Rainforest

Steven Korane,

Alan Ritch,

Thomas Leitzke

Orange and Vanilla By Joseph Eaton

(To be sung to the tune of “When you need you”  by Leo Sayer )

Orange and vanilla,

Wear a safety mask.

Will Ya? Be Ya?


Orange and chocolate,

This I ask Ya. Blue and true,

It’s a simple gift

For me and you. A duty due.

Let’s wear a mask.


Chocolate and vanilla, and strawberry.

Cosmopolitan costume ball,

Masks and all,

Till dawn is through.