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KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
Rainn Wilson Thinks We Need A Spiritual Revolution … on "Moment of Truth"

Ami Chen Mills grabs a half-hour with actor, comedian and author Rainn Wilson (formerly Dwight Schrute of “The Office”) to discuss his book SoulBoom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution, his Ba’hai faith, the kind of God he believes in, how spirituality has become too individualistic and consumeristic … and many other profound concerns for the human race.


  • The B’hai faith and LGBTQ+ issues
  • The two kinds of spiritual evolution needed now
  • How spirituality should be the basis for engagement and activism
  • The Black Church
  • What Wilson thinks of Marianne Williamson’s run for President
  • What is God? How can we define God in a way that makes sense for us and that includes the reality we are currently living in?
  • The commonalities in all religions, a new religion and a new movement

Show Notes and Resources:

SoulBoom Website and SoulBoom and other podcast links: https://www.soulboom.com/