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Thinking in Your Sleep with Nicoline Isema

Want to bypass your standard train of thought and get unstuck? Sleep on it! We talk about how dreaming is a kind of supercharged brainstorming with today’s guest Nicoline Douwes Isema who calls her work Thinking in Your Sleep.

We start by talking about how when we are in a state of focused thinking, the brain can’t do all of the maintenance things that it needs to do, plus it’s not free to be creative! Enter the dreams which provided rich fields of creativity and brainstorming.

Niko speaks about how we think our thoughts are linear and how thoughts help us decide what to do when actually thinking is more like a good press agent that explains what we just did. And did you know that intention setting can be as simple and as natural as worrying about a problem? Niko is passionate about dream sharing and gives simple steps that we can all do to support people when they share their dreams with us.

Nicoline is very active on Clubhouse as @dreamexpert. You can find her there or at

BIO: Nicoline Douwes Isema is a Dutch dream expert and sleep activist. She is on a mission to help everyone wake up with new ideas and fresh insights. Since beginning her work on dreams over 15 years ago, Nicoline has co-authored a book in Dutch which teaches people to interpret their own dreams, and has been frequently featured on radio, podcasts, television, and in print in both Dutch and English, promoting the power of intentional dreaming. Nicoline loves dream research and sleeping in.

We play clips from the following two guest-selected songs both by DephCut: My Soul and Daydream. You can find their music on iTunes or on SoundCloud.

Outro music is Everything by Mood Science. Ambient music created by Rick Kleffel new every week. Many thanks to Rick Kleffel for also engineering the show, to Tony Russomano for answering the phones and to Ewa Malady for audio editing.

Show aired on April 16, 2022.


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