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The Three Sea Show Replicates Small Town Community Online

Tiny Corralitos Cultural Center isn’t a place that many in Santa Cruz think of as a destination, but the CCC has had a thriving, small-town open mic for years. Situated near the crossroads in Corralitos, a tiny agricultural town on the way to Watsonville, the CCC boasts a real stage, a 65-seat audience, and a great sound system. But what draws people to Corralitos isn’t the technology; it’s the supportive and loving community. Performers of all stripes, from pros making their way along the coast between gigs to a local who has a poem that just needs to be recited, get together to share in this community.

Covid put a stop to all that…until it didn’t. One Friday night, open mic member Scott Kail lifted up his cellphone and streamed to Facebook, and thus the Three Sea Show was born. By the standards of the music industry, this is a tiny audience. But the engagement level is phenomenal, and everyone involved has been inspired to go further each week. Listen to a conversation between board member Ed Kaufman, performer and organizer Scott Kail, and singer Rocky Pase about how musicians are keeping the faith and spreading the word about live music…even when no one is in the room. Listen to the end for the treat of Rocky singing, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Enjoy!