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Is California really ready to expand abortion services? Panel discussion.

Host Suki Wessling moderates a special Independence Day panel discussion about abortion and California’s status as an Abortion Sanctuary State. Our panel includes Pam Conelly, ​​Chief Operations Officer at Encompass Community Services and a board member of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Dr. Jen Hastings, a Family Physician and Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine who was the physician at Westside Planned Parenthood from 1998-2018, and Dr. Gail Newel, who is an OBGYN, Health Officer for the County of Santa Cruz, and Associate Clinical Professor at UCSF. We discuss the roots of abortion stigma, and how stigma manifests itself everywhere from conversations between friends to communications between healthcare providers. We also discuss California’s status as a sanctuary station for abortion seekers, and what that will mean for our healthcare system.

Access the full, unedited version of this conversation at The Babblery.

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