Talk of the Bay from KSQD
The Global Carbon Reward with Dr. Delton Chen: Incentivizing Climate Balance with a Carbon Currency

On Talk of the Bay, Wednesday, October 19, Christine Barrington continues a series on the Global Carbon Reward, a bold new policy proposal for funding climate mitigation efforts worldwide. Imagine a global monetary policy, backed by the world’s central banks, that rewards all players from corporations, to municipalities, to individuals, for certified actions that effectively remove carbon from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity, and reduce environmental harms. The Global Carbon Reward is a big and potent carrot to draw the world toward a liveable future.

Dr. Delton Chen, founder Global Carbon Reward (GCR), is a visiting geo-hydrologist from Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Chen’s Global Carbon Reward policy inspired sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson’s game-changing “Carbon Coin” in his novel “The Ministry for the Future.”  Meet Dr. Chen himself on November 2 to learn more, ask questions, and discover a way to fund the future by increasing environmental wealth rather than extracting it.

Eventbrite Registration: Funding for the Future: New Ways to Value Life on our Planet.  This event will take place at the Resource Center for Non-Violence in Santa Cruz on November 2, 7-9 pm. Tickets are by donation and a Zoom recording will be provided for all registrants.

I want to thank Joshua Prieto for allowing me to use segments describing a “Living Systems Economy” from episode 043 of his podcast series Seeds of Tao.  You can listen to his full recording with Dr. Chen here.