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The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal: Kelly Sullivan Walden, August 17, 2019

Kelly Sullivan Walden is on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist from Hypnosis Motivation Institute and is a trusted adviser, coach and consultant, enriching the lives of thousands of individuals, including Fortune 500 executives, UN ambassadors, celebrities, inner-city kids, and stay-at-home moms. Her dream insights have been featured on many national talk shows, including The Doctor Oz Show, Ricki Lake, The Real, Coast to Coast, and Hallmark’s Home & Family.  She is also a featured dream expert on Fox News.

She is an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training and the host of “Ask Doctor Dream”, a weekly show on Unity Online Radio.

Her latest work of heart is The Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle Cards.

Kelly is the author of ten books, including bestsellers Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and The Unexplainable, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions, I Had the Strangest Dream, It’s All in Your Dreams, Dreaming Heaven and The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary.

Her approach to dreams is both reverent and zany, which may account for why she’s rumored to be the lovechild of Carl Jung and Lucille Ball. Like John Lennon, Kelly Sullivan Walden is a dreamer, and she knows she’s not the only one. She dreams that one day people will stop taking their dreams lying down, and instead, be excited to sleep, and inspired to wake up to the power of their dreams. She imagines water cooler conversations and international summit meetings that begin with, “So, what did you dream last night?”

Originally aired May 18, 2019


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