The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal: Jefferey Wallace, July 27, 2019

Jefferey Wallace is a Santa Cruz Local, born and raised in this area. He has been recording his dreams on and off for over 12 years. Jefferey’s interest in dreams really took off when a theme in one of his dreams came true. Currently Jefferey hosts a monthly dream group in Santa Cruz and he has recently gotten in to astral projection.

Here is the text of the dream that Jeff and I explored:

Was at my church, and was reading a verse in the book of Joshua to the congregation. When I opened the bible to the verse, in place of the page where the verse was supposed to be was pictures of forks, spoons and various types of fruit. I started to make up the verse as I read to the congregation and I didn’t even finish the verse properly. Was completely lost, but did the best I could while reading. I know the priest was mad, but it was not my fault. There was some type of special event going on at the church. After church i notice that one of the guys in the choir had an Asian girlfriend who caught my eye.

To find the Meet-Up dream group that Jeff cohosts, go to and search for “Santa Cruz Dream Group”

Ambient sound by Rick Kleffel

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