Ask Dr. Dawn
Ask Dr. Dawn
Tech and animals detect diseases by smell and other interesting health topics

The over-pricing of science publications—a new lawsuit against ResearchGate, and the open-access movement. A large study shows rapid COVID-19 antigen tests in workplaces had few false positives. What symptoms indicate a woman should start estrogen HRT (hormone replacement therapy?) Meal timing advice, e.g., should we pause at least 3 hours between meals? Decaffeinated coffee is better before sleeping. Reducing number of times getting up to pee at night. After menopause, Evista is a good drug for osteoporosis. Artificial tech and animal experiments using smell as a diagnostic tool for Parkinson’s, cancer and other diseases. Living micro stem cell robots can reproduce! Reaction to new baby smell differs in mothers and fathers. Colon and other cancers are showing up much earlier in younger people. Stomach cancer is another bad side effect of long-term PPI use.

Some topic sources:

Publishers take ResearchGate to court, alleging massive copyright infringement

Large-scale implementation of rapid antigen testing system for COVID-19 in workplaces

‘E-nose’ could someday diagnose Parkinson’s disease by ‘smelling’ skin


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