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Courageous Journeys: Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Episode 67: Research reveals that in a group of 20 children, five girls and one boy will experience childhood sexual abuse before the age of 18. We’re joined by survivor and author Alreen Haeggquist, along with Licensed Clinical Social Worker and trauma specialist Stefanie Klein, to discuss the complex journey of healing from such trauma. Find valuable insights, support, and resources crafted for survivors who are on this challenging, yet hopeful, path and the people who love them.

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Healing Mind and Body with Yoga Therapy Remix

Episode 65: Join us to explore the growing significance of Yoga Therapy in mental health treatment. With a cultural shift emphasizing the mind-body connection, yoga has become something crucial for holistic well-being. Our guests, including integrative mental health practitioner Dr. Juko Holiday and survivor Melaney Seacat, share insights into its therapeutic benefits that are aiding veterans and individuals like Melaney. Tune in to discover more about this transformative approach.

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Empowering Youth: Teen-Led Mental Health Support

Episode 64: Dive into the pressing reality of the youth mental health crisis. In this episode crafted by teens, for teens, we explore how youth can lend support to their peers through mental health education, community engagement, and advocacy. Join 17-year-old guest host and mental health advocate, Niku Sedarat, as she leads a discussion featuring four teen guests from diverse Monterey Bay area high schools. Together, they discuss the unique needs of their communities and unveil the many ways in which youth-driven mental health advocacy can spark meaningful change.

Meet our guests Marley Miller, Melissa Macias, Oscar Alvarez-Delgado, and Devin Bloom, as they courageously share their personal journeys and innovative approaches to promoting mental well-being among their peers.

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Inside Dissociative Identity Disorder: Myths, Realities and Hope

Episode 63: Delve into the intricate world of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a widely misunderstood psychiatric condition rooted in profound childhood trauma. Join clinical psychologist and trauma specialist Dr. Alisa Brady as she sheds light on DiD and the serious mental health symptoms associated with it. DID survivor Clay Whitten shares their firsthand experiences and the transformative impact of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy on their journey towards healing. Gain insights into the complexities of DID, and unravel the layers with experts who bring compassion, understanding, and hope to this topic.

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