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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Mental Health

Ep. 46: An inside look at traumatic brain injury, or “TBI,” and how these injuries influence mental health. People of all ages get them in a variety of ways—from sports injuries to car accidents to domestic falls and many of these individuals develop mental health symptoms that can last for months or even years. Our guest and author JoAnne Jones talks about recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury that occurred when she was assaulted and robbed. Also with us is rehabilitation and physical medicine specialist Dr. Jennifer Yu who shares information about the mental health symptoms, treatment approaches, and recovery strategies associated with mild to severe traumatic brain injuries.

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Suicide Prevention for Teens and Young Adults

Ep. 34: For National Suicide Prevention Month, we focus on suicide prevention for teens and young adults. Being informed about suicide can help prevent many of these tragic deaths. In this show we talk about feeling suicidal, where to find help and support, and how to recognize warning signs. We also learn about how to help others who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts or feelings. This is part 1 of a 2-part series. Next month’s show focuses on complicated grief and recovering from losing a loved one to suicide.

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