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Shamanic Dreaming with Paul Overman

We talk about the Great Walk which includes the four components of dreams, meditation, inspired creativity and eco-spirituality with spiritual dream guide and shamanic dreamer Dr. Paul Overman. Paul shares some of his visionary experiences and suggests that by inviting ancestors or loved ones to walk with us that we can deepen our experience of the subtle world. Paul then speaks about dreaming under the guidance of the soul and makes distinctions between the Midheavens, the Heavens and the Source. In the third segment, Paul talks about how we can work with our own dreams using meditative visualization and then offers tips on how to recognize shamanic elements in our own dreams and how to use our dreams to explore our own inner shamanic landscape.

BIO: Paul Overman, Ph.D., is an author and an East-West mind-body-consciousness explorer and researcher. A former practicing psychologist of forty-years, Paul currently is a member of Spiritual Directors International, conducting webinars, seminars and online courses – as well as giving personal assistance and training. In his work, Paul integrates meditation, dreams, inspired creativity, and Eco-spirituality. He calls the synthesis and practice of these four guides and ways of living The Great Walk. Paul has listened to and guided youth, adults, and our elders for over forty-seven years about their life dreams, goals, obstacles, desires, and wishes. He has guided individuals in their heart-felt need for harmony and healing, as they sought to align their life direction with their soul needs and life direction.

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Show aired on February 27, 2021.


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