Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Kuumbwa keeps jazz alive in Santa Cruz and beyond

During a time when most clubs that feature live music are dark and empty, local nonprofit music venue Kuumbwa Jazz Center has persevered. Each Monday, in keeping with their pre-Covid tradition of Monday live shows, Kuumbwa features Youtube events filmed live at Kuumbwa. Focusing now on artists who are able to make the trek to Santa Cruz, Kuumbwa’s Monday show works to keep jazz alive and ready to start again once restrictions are lifted. Kuumbwa is also starting to offer live streaming events, and has online master classes. Join host Suki Wessling in a conversation with Artistic Director/Co-Founder Tim Jackson. We talk about the transition to digital media, the struggle of musicians, especially Black jazz musicians, to support themselves in a distance economy, and the long, hard road back to normalcy.